Summer Update: Home

Summer Update: Home

WOW. I knew it had been a minute since we posted house updates, but I had convinced myself that we haven’t done much since our last post. FALSE. Just like the wearing off of “new car smell,” you start to get accustomed to what’s around you and forget what you used to have.

We hosted a housewarming party at the end of April, and kicked it into high gear to get to a certain level of ready before the party. Since then, we have taken time to rest and simply let the place be home. Except for some finishing touches in the office/guest room, we’ve pretty much left the house alone. We’re starting to get the itch again, and got some momentum by adding kitchen shelves and reorganizing a bit. I’ll post a little before/after for each room and then share some future plans. You can find “messy middle” updates on each room on the blog home page, although we are still far from finished!


Dining Room

Living Room


Master Bedroom


Office/Guest Room

PHEW. So, that’s the house as it currently stands. There’s so much yet to be done, but it has finally reached a place where it’s peaceful and home-like. Everything else can be done out of rest. Beyond finishing touches in individual rooms, we need to replace the floor trim and insert crown moulding, replace fans (ugh) and lighting, and new windows/doors. And then the outside…. we haven’t done much except tame the lawn somewhat. We HAVE decided to renovate the detached garage into a guest house with an office space for myself. That will require a plumbing solution, but thankfully it’s already wired for electricity. That’s a down-the-road project, but we’re excited to have a place to host others and be able to make full use of that additional square footage.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU! Please comment and let us know what your favorite transformation has been, and what ideas you might have for us! Here’s to not waiting four months for another post ;)

Summer Update: Life

Summer Update: Life